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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

fall photos

here's the family (sans matisse - the forgotten one) frolicking in fall fun.

big boy bonnard is on the steps outside the pink palace trying to get back in before we whisked him away to the vet to have a large pimple on his face checked out. more surgery for this one next week.

beau and louis are gleefully posing among the fall foliage in rock creek park on sunday.

i'm holding my dear "son" at the pugtober fest at dogtopia in maryland. yep, you read that right.

and the last photo is louis on the dog slide at dogtopia. entertaining sunday for all.

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storyteller said...

Your black kitty looks a lot like MINE. I always worry about her around Halloween, but she's determined to remain "outside critter" no matter what I might think. Happy Halloween to you and yours.

April said...

I had a pair of tabby cats named Picasso and Matisse, sister and brother, respectively.

Yeah for the artsy cat names!!

Anonymous said...

kimberly -

no posting since tuesday! must be a busy week for you.

your HTC's are longing for an update. :)