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Friday, October 26, 2007

date with moi tonight!

fresh home from a fun indian dinner, book signing with amy cohen, and post-signing glass of vino. lovely evening. after years of teaching on thursday night, it is fun to explore what life offers each thursday evening.

i'm sooooooo excited to share that i got a ticket to see tori amos tonight! this will be my fourth time to see her and i always come away inspired, impressed, and full of chick power. this girl rocks. she can play two pianos while straddling the piano bench. crazy talent! this is my second time to see her solo and i love sitting in the audience, singing along, and feeling completely anonymous.

i'm feeling a bit lighter these days after a must-have transition is occurring. amazing how life feels so heavy at times and what a shift it is to feel some relief. i'm loving it.

gotta head to bed so i'm full of energy to teach the seniors at the assisted living center yoga in the morning. zzzzzzzzzz. sleep tight.

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Anonymous said...

I too will be at the Tori show tonight--it should be wonderful! Yay!

Anonymous said...

kimberly, we are so intrigued about your "transition" ... guess its personal or you would have shared the details...

i would LOVE to read more of your musings on this topic, especially re: resentment, jealousy, letting go...

enjoy the concert!

thanks for your awesome blog!