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Thursday, September 06, 2007


(Hi. As a reminder, I'm Amanda from over at Creative DC, and I'm guest blogging while Kimberly is away in Costa Rica this week. She'll be back on the 9th.)

I'm in a cafe I don't usually visit, and have been having a fabulous time people-watching and overhearing tidbits of conversations. I'm reminded of a scene in a great film, 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould, in which you "hear" everything that Gould, a famous pianist, hears in a greasy spoon - and come to understand that for him, the world is a living orchestra. The conversation next to him is like the violins - then he tunes into another across the room, and it's like the horns are starting.

Life is as we experience it. So today, try listening differently - either in a public place, or in a conversation, or even to yourself. Try what meditation teachers suggest - imagine leaving your body and floating up to the ceiling, then gaze down at yourself as if you were watching a character in a movie. What does that character hear? And what is she missing?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Amanda. Just wanted to thank you for your guest blogging. You ROCK--I love both what you have to say and how you say it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,

Can you give us any insights into Yoga? Like I'm totally into the Cafe scene but sometimes I feel like, you know, kind of like a loser sitting by myself, drinking and trying to pick up men. Yoga, I feel, has really made me strong and I wonder if you have any ideas how I can practise it in such a place instead of getting 'buzzed' like I usually do in those times. Thanks for any guidence you can give me.