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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

gurgle throat gone wild

so my day began with a lovely tube inserted into my nostril and down into my esophagus, complete with 40 minutes of water sipping and swallowing. good morning! last month's barium swallow called for today's exciting motility test. frankly, i could have skipped it. however, i'm hopeful that the doctors can figure out what is causing this lovely gurgle in my throat. odd "condition," eh?

more whirlwind days. think i should listen to my self-care podcasts and reread chapter 5! all the traveling has truly thrown me for a loop but i'm delighted to be back home. monday i went to bed at 7pm. my 95-year-old gramma wore me out!

i'm learning tons of lessons lately on trusting my intuition and making smarter decisions. life lessons are hard and hindsight is always 20/20, but i believe in the importance of making u-turns along the way. life is too short and our basic essence is joy. we deserve to experience it with ourselves and others.

off to teach to our lovely arlington yogis. if you're around friday night, please join us for our open house at 3260 wilson boulevard from 6:30-8:30. until then, sip your tea, take deep breaths, and don't be afraid to make a u-turn.

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Anonymous said...

On U-turns. In Baron Baptiste's book, he quotes a Turkish Proverb, not sure if I'll get it right, but something like this: "No matter how far down you've travelled down the wrong road, TURN BACK." Sage advice.

One Little Birdie said...

Good luck with your tests. I know they are not fun, but it sounds like your yoga is helping you through and keeping you the hip and tranquil chick you are. Another good thing to do when the times get tough - pet a doggy! :)