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Friday, August 03, 2007

the retreat is over

i've said my goodbyes - not one for those, basically scampered out - and am sitting in a lovely covered outdoor space surrounded by pansies, a river flowing underneath, and oodles of trees preparing my next steps. my only option for a return today was a red eye and i'm just too old for those. those buggers drain me for weeks. instead, i'm going to take a leisurely drive to santa fe, stay with a friend, and catch an afternoon plane out tomorrow. feels more tranquil.

the retreat was lovely. i got a lot of writing down, although i'm craving much, much more and need to carve out the space. i met some lovely ladies. i was greeted this morning with a delightful poem a fellow retreater had written for me. i slept and ate well. i had space to recover from this week's sad shock.

i hope to return to this spaciousness at home. as is typical with retreats, we were encouraged to make a list of what "i must create over the next 3 months"and i want to share my answers with you:

- design of studio space
- engaging weekly newspaper column (first issue should be out monday)
- design more jewelry pieces and dabble with chain
- host a tranquilista jewelry trunk show -- pieces are now available online
- book proposal for tranquilology
phenom costa rica experience (wanna come?)
- daily ritual: including creative space, yoga, meditation
- more quality time with beau and BFF
- design look/feel for tranquilology

my hope for the rest of this journey is to just be. experience everything fully. savor the spaciousness. laugh. sing. absorb this feeling. namaste.

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Anonymous said...

sounds amazing kimberly. i am so excited for your next book and am also happy to hear that you're jewelry is online! hurray! i splurged on some tranquilit pieces recently, and am getting compliments everywhere i go. and they're so yummy and soft. have a safe trip home.
xx nina

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a lot for 3 months!