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Friday, August 17, 2007

blah, blah, blah

ever feel like this is what you're saying or hearing? i spent 2-3 hours catching up on e-mail last night and got my inbox down to 50! hasn't been that low in months and it sure feels good. however, i drastically behind on the proposal that i'd hoped to have finished this week. ugh. sitting down this afternoon to write and feel constantly distracted by everything else around me. blah, blah, blah.

my interview with jeff davis yesterday was fascinating. i think you'll really enjoy it on sunday! basically, i was reminded that writing is a practice and we must carve out the space - as we do for yoga. and, we must not check e-mail before writing. a far fetched goal of mine is to stop checking e-mail but twice a day - at noon and 4. sounds so good but i usually spend my late nights catching up on the day's e-mail. if i could be more intentional about it, 2 times a day should be plenty. SUCH a hard habit to break. (great song, by the way) anyone wanna join a support group with me and we'll hold each other accountable?

the themes at the jivamukti wild woodstock ashram has been on being wild. not in a "running amuck" kind of way, but in a non-conventional kind of way. interesting theme that i'm chewing on. more later.

back to the proposal. using you as a distraction isn't right! ;) you're my oasis.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly! weaning ourselves off email seems to be harder than quitting other addictive substances. I used to have a blackberry and became supremely obsessed with answering every email the minute it arrived, regardless of the time or day. I was a menace and constantly stressed. So I said goodbye to the blackberry. maybe you should have an email "curfew"???