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Monday, August 13, 2007

2 naps before noon

as we were driving up last night, i remembered that there aren't any classes on mondays - perfect considering our late arrival. the alarm went off at 9am so that we were sure to make breakfast at our b & b. i sipped some orange juice, had a yogurt, some yummy sourdough bread with jam, and blueberry tea before making my way back to bed. slept 2 hours, got up for a moment, decided i was still tired, and went back to bed until 11:30! who would have thought that one could take 2 naps before noon? i find that when i am given the opportunity to slow down, my body tries to make up for lost time. that's a lot of lost time.

the afternoon was lovely. we took louis and went on a drive to my fave bead store in red hook (where there is a wire class on thursday night that i plan to attend as i can't recall a thing from the 4-hour one i took a few weeks ago. . . ugh!), on to the vanderbilt mansion where we toured the garden in awe, and then to rhinebeck to get some goods at my favorite funhouse - CVS. how can a drugstore be such fun? home to heat up our frozen pasta meals and texas toast (ever had that stuff - tooooo yummy!). now to indulge in a steam shower. gotta get to bed early so i'm fresh for 3 hours of yoga tomorrow.

if you're local to dc, be sure to pick up today's copy of the examiner as the first edition of my weekly column came out and is a how-to on meditation. hope you enjoy it.

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