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Saturday, July 07, 2007

bonjour from new york!

i looooovvvveeee this city. woke up to a wake-up call from the hotel 3 minutes early (i let it go but sure did want 3 more minutes of sleep) and dashed off to my all-day tea training. met some fabulous women - one who hosts tea parties and another who is opening a tea lounge in new york called sanctuary tea. on my way back to the hotel, i stopped off at yelo for some reflexology (they offer napping - NOW that is a service i can get behind) and daffy's for some cheap and comfy seamless lingerie shopping.

today's session was sooo interesting. turns out all tea comes from one plant and my passion for herbal teas is ironically not really "tea" since it isn't from the tea plant. hmmm. our facilitator is published by my former house, inner ocean publishing, and wrote a fab book called tea here now on the tea lifestyle! she mentioned that a true connoisseur of tea may spend up to two hours a day practicing their tea tastings. wow - who would have thought one has to "practice" tea? add that to our yoga practice and we could spend all day practicing our passions!

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Heather said...

I ordered the chocolate/orange roobios and apple cinnamon from Sanctuary tea, and it is amazing. I also tried their eucalyptus bath salts which was an unbelievable experience! Thanks for posting about them, they are truly amazing