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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

hip and tranquil hotline!

dearest ones,
i hope your week is moving along swimmingly. i can't believe it's already wednesday night. i'm about to crawl into bed and watch a documentary while the rain falls outside. but before i do, i wanted to share a new feature i've added to our connections - a phone number where you can call to leave questions, suggestions, and ideas for the hip tranquil chick community! the phone number is 206-984-0717. i'm SO excited to connect with you this way.

also, a reminder that i'd love to do an interactive segment with your dear htc questions, so please contact me if you have a question you'd like featured in an uncoming podcast - basically a live (and complimentary) mentoring session!

finally, don't forget to pass along your suggestions for our 100th episode which is right around the corner. i can't believe it! we've come soooo far together. i got word from my new publisher that the book's second edition has been sent to the publisher. woo-hoo.

keep shining, girls!

p.s. never fear, the hip tranquil chick recommended reading list has been taken down so we can get it updated. it will relaunch on the left side of the blog shortly. in the meantime, i must recommend my new fave book on my nightstand - the 4-hour work week.

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The Depressed Yogi said...

Dearest Kimberly,
2 things...
1. i think i (and everyone else who reads this, i'm sure) adores everything about you.
2. Where did you get your fabulous leopard print yoga mat?
<3 Carolyn

Sneaux said...

4-hour work week? Sounds like Voluntary Simplicity at its finest! Can't wait to see the reading list!...