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Saturday, June 09, 2007

bonjour from the retreat!

what an AMAZING group of women! so far we've covered our intentions, self-care, the challenge of difficult relationships, yummy yin yoga, values, and our personal visions. so much more to go - complete with a late-night viewing of the documentary shut up and sing about the dixie chicks.

i feel incredibly blessed at the moment to be connected with such a dynamic group. after lunch we had a big pow-wow about our planner pads and michelle assures me we should have a planner pad convention. yep, i know, who would have thought that one could get so excited over an organization system? joanna wants to teach people how to customize them. i shared the stickers i use that help bring splashes of color to the pages. we all had a giggle over the ridiculousness of the moment. life is full of such silliness if we will only take a deep breath and embrace it.

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The Depressed Yogi said...

Just wanted to share that after receiving my planner pad (per your recommendation), i was so uninspired by the black/gold lettering on the cover (i have the spiral version) that i found a great way to recover it. I bought fabric tape from Target (in the scrapbooking aisle!) and covered the front and back with different patterns and colors of fabric tape. It's durable and so cute!!

Mindy said...

sooo sad to have had to miss this! glad you all shared a wonderful weekend together. xo, mindy

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am now on board with the planner system ordered the spiral bound. Very anxious and hopeful it will help me over the next year with work, school and personal stuff! I have such a hard-time now with my current planner - not very helpful.
Give us more tips on your blog and/or podcast of how to use them and personalize them! Stickers??? Were they just for fun or to help with scheduling prioritizing?? Maybe I will get some gold stickers like we used to get in school??

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please have a podcast about using and customizing the plannerpad. I (and everyone I know) could use some help getting organized. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Kimberly --

I also just ordered a Planner Pad (July start date) and would LOVE for you to do a podcast on their system and how it works for you. It seems like there are many of us that have been inspired by you to order this organization system, and we'd love to hear how it can be most effectively used for hip tranquil chicks.


Unknown said...

I agree with having a podcast. I just recieved mine in the mail today and thought about reviewing your archieved blogs to find tips and hints.