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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

yoga sutras rock!

ok, so maybe that is a bit too enthusiastic but i've enjoyed learning more about these ancient tools. we finished discussing the fourth chapter today and i wanted to share a powerful one:

YS 4.15 each individual person perceives the same object in a different way, according to their own state of mind and projections. everything is empty from its own side and appears according to how you see it.

life is all about perception, isn't it? we all know people who see the glass as half-full regularly and, sadly, those who always see the glass as half-empty.

we're coming to an end with graduation tomorrow and a final tonight (gasp!). we had our fourth and final day off yesterday and it was such a treat. i took a roadtrip with a new found friend to a fabulous bead store in red hook and then to check out woodstock. esther, who i presume to be the owner of the bead store, was a trooper - sooo helpful and so passionate about her work. a true delight. woodstock was interesting. no cell phone coverage - which was a bummer considering i save all calls (dr. appts to make, consultants to connect with, etc.) for my days off. guess i'll handle on friday when i drive home for 8 hours.

if you're free on saturday, please come out for DOGA - our annual fundraiser for the washington humane society! all the scoop is here.

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