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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

wind shears + deep breathing

happy to be grounded and home after a few fabulous days in sunny denver. yesterday's trek around boulder and sushi with an old high school pal proved to be quite hip and tranquil. this morning began like any other (sipping a cup of rose bud green tea) and packing to head to the airport.

the flight was fairly non-eventful and then the descent began. yikes. my pulse goes up and my breath gets short with minor turbulence. this should have sent me into shock. however, for some reason, i was quite calm while many passengers were getting sick. ever have those moments where you say to yourself, "whatever happens is ok. i've had a good life." well, that's where i was today.

as we finally began to drop the landing gear and head in, the plane did a quick ascent and we were back into the clouds. when the pilot came on, he explained that he'd received a wind shear warning and we had to circle before heading back in. ahhhh, my yogic breathing came in very handy. landed (never been so happy to be grounded), hopped in a cab, picked up louis, home to unpack, and off to the studio for yoga 3. lord knows i needed it after this "event."

life is funny like that. after today's horrific event in virginia, and the treacherous landing, i feel compelled to be extremely grateful for all i have - even the challenges, blemishes, dirty laundry, etc. . . .

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Anonymous said...

i'm feeling the same way - very grateful for everything i have, especially after everything that happened at virginia tech

glad you made it home safe :)