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Monday, April 09, 2007

cabin fever

beau, pug, and i returned to dc late this afternoon and i was delighted to get online. reconnection. the time away flew by and was filled going through magazines that were long overdue, making a new collage of fun images, coloring easter eggs, taking strolls with pug, reconnecting with my dear best friend and her beau, reading case studies of tranquil space prepared by GWU students, napping, and sipping tons o' tea by fireside. a true treat.

although there were moments where i would begin asking all sorts of questions or push for us to do yoga, play taboo, go on an excursion, collage, and my companions would encourage me to enjoy being. um, ok, but can't we DO something? ever experienced cabin fever even though it is exactly what you need?

so, i woke up this morning to a lip glossed pug. he found some all-natural lip tint that i'd brought with me, pried open the screw-on lid, and managed to get it all over himself. too cute. our little rouged puppy.

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tammyg said...

Oh my - this is the cutest thing I've ever heard of! Sounds like something my beagles would do! ;)