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Friday, March 09, 2007

new york soiree

My New York excursion was all things hip and tranquil. As written by Lauren Cerand (who coordinated this soiree):
We had nearly forty people mingling over well-mixed drinks and sparkling conversation in Lolita's cozy downstairs lounge despite the appalling cold outside, and Mallory from New York's favorite independent feminist bookstore, Bluestockings, was on-site to sell copies of Hip Tranquil Chick (her magenta-hued hair, I am assured, was unintentionally complementary). Author Kimberly Wilson read a short section from the introduction and spoke briefly about how growing up in the Midwest with an author father, obtaining her master's degree in women's studies and starting her own thriving yoga studio in Washington, D.C. (plus related clothing line and foundation to support worthy local and national causes) inspired her to put pen to paper and write a conscientiously chic "yoga lifestyle" book for women like herself and her students and friends. Her agent, ZSH Literary's Jennifer Gates (who also represents heavy hitters such as feminine power guru Regena Thomashauer aka "Mama Gena" and Chris Gardner, author of the memoir The Pursuit of Happyness, which was recently made into a film starring Will Smith) was on hand to join the fun as well. All in all, a terrific evening--
After the festivities, I had 45 minutes to spare and, not one to waste a minute in New York, I headed to teany - Moby's tea house that I've read so much about. What a gem! Considering my fantasy of having a tea house someday, I was in awe. I nibbled on a blackcurrent scone and sipped rosebud tea that tasted like rosewater. I was in heaven and ready for my oh-so-interesting bus ride home. (If you've taken the Chinatown bus, you know what I mean).

There is SO much to share from my 12-hours of yoga. At the moment my body is pooped and in need of some TLC so I promise to formulate my thoughts and pass along the scoop shortly. Until then, a HUGE thanks to the NY crew who showed up in last night's chilly weather to celebrate all things hip and tranquil. Merci beacoup!

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Butrfly Garden said...

Hi Kimberly!

I've finally gotten all caught up on the podcasts, I'm half-way through the book...I've kept myself from the blog until now as to not confuse myself with the different time frames!!

I just had to say you are an absolutely GORGEOUS person!

First podcast I listed to, I thought "Oh, another one of these perky "Do what I do" girls.." But you SO proved me wrong. I love your attitude and all your brilliant ideas. AND love that you started a non-profit just about as soon as you could.

I could gush about you much longer, really, but I came here to get your podcast url to link on my own blog. I already have your book linked, if you don't mind.

The world is truly blessed to have you in it, girl!

Anonymous said...

Have you been to Franchia, a Korean tea house, in NYC? If not, I think you would love it. The food is quite tasty and the tea is even better! I love their chrysanthemum green tea. The restaurant is located on Park between 34th and 35th. Whenever my husband and I are in the city, we always go there.