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Friday, March 02, 2007

happy march - retreat bound

uh oh, with all this excitement on getting to bed early and rising earlier, i'm already overdue. not by much but "date night" (occasional movie and/or nights with beau) set me back. however, i'm determined to jump back on the bandwagon in the morning with an early rise as i have to get prepared for dashing off to central virginia to lead a yoga retreat (and be unavailable via cell or Internet alllll weekend).

this evening i spoke at the women's entrepreneurial leadership program at george washington university and had such an engaging group of undergrad and graduate students. such a treat. i always feel so blessed to connect with other women passionate about creating communities, making a difference, and serving others. then i rushed off to teach my fabulous yoga 3ers.

last night i took a yoga class that i'd been trying to get to for months and during the practice i decided that i needed a personal trainer. you know, someone to make me do that one more chaturanga or try that variation on eagle legs in headstand. left to my own devices, my home practice isn't over the top challenging and i take a quick express class at the studio to fit everything into my day. so, in order to get conditioned for my upcoming 1-month teacher training, i contacted a local fabulous teacher to do weekly private sessions followed by a massage.

since i made my teleclass participants set aside two hours to do something good for themselves this week, i decided that i, too, should take the challenge. and i've got it scheduled until i leave april 22. can i encourage you, too, to jump on the self-care bandwagon? i hope you have a delightful weekend. stay tuned for a fabulously fun podcast coming on sunday!

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