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Friday, March 30, 2007

fancy nancy rocks!

ok, don't look at the time of this post. i promise i'm TRYING to go to bed earlier but didn't get home until midnight (doing some pilot pieces of streaming video yoga classes . . . stay tuned) and have a 9am camera crew coming to the "pink palace" to shoot a podcast piece for HGTV. but i couldn't resist a quick book buy before dashing off to sleep.

so, are you familiar with fancy nancy? well, she's my little girl hero. a friend got me the book for christmas and we continue to laugh over the similarities (she has a thing for french and making the ordinary more fancy). she's got a new adventure coming out - with a posh puppy!! nope, it's not a pug (sorry louis), but a papillon! i broached this subject with beau after seeing one in a boutique a few years ago and he immediately put his foot down. guess they are a little girly - so fancy nancy. i can only imagine how fabulous this book will be and i highly encourage you to pick up the original fancy nancy during your next bookstore browsing adventure. i promise you won't be disappointed! au revoir.

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Michelle said...

I'm so excited Fancy Nancy has brought you so much joy. I think Louis would LOVE a little papillon brother or sister! Surely you can come up with some persuasive arguments to convince Tim!

Your fellow in fanciness,

Anonymous said...

I love Fancy Nancy and am giving it as a gift to my favorite 4 year old...I have often thought that gray days would be a little better if I got to go through life with a feather boa and a tiara....