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Friday, March 16, 2007

continuing educationed out

girls, i *finally* got to sleep in (a fave pasttime) and can tell today will be a good day despite the rain outside. last week i was in nyc for the yoga journal continuing education conference and got in 12 hours of yoga in 2 days. i took one day off from offical learning and had a 6-hour workshop the following day on entrepreneurship. i took 2 days off from playing student and then hit the getting things done all day conference in dc. i took 1 day off from absorbing new data and then hit an advanced blogging workshop last night at glenn echo park (oh my gosh - my new favorite place!).

anyway, when i scheduled all this i had no idea how much learning would take place in a one-week period. amazingly fun and exhausting. i have so many notes to compile and digest. promise to share them once i have time to get them down on paper and computer. was recently reminded that i have 5 book reports due (and, thus, 5 books to read) by next wednesday for my upcoming month-long teacher training. ahhhhhh! gotta get my reading on. not that that is really a dreaded task.

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Regina said...

Wow, Kimberly- you are just too much! Even reading about this makes me tired! I am glad you were able to catch up on a little sleep!