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Thursday, February 15, 2007

i'm addicted - more confessions

between taking and teaching class tonight, i was shaking and in need of a serious sugar fix. i'd had enough food during the day (lovely bowl of raisin bran to start the day and yummy veggie sub at lunch), but i needed a peanut butter power bar topped off with carnation hearts and a few shortbread cookies with red sprinkles to keep going. i've come to realize that i have a sugar problem. sure i've bought books like the hip chick's guide to macrobiotics and relished in the concepts, but i just can't curb my sugar "problem." i was happy to be cavity-free at the latest dentist visit (yay for more flossing), but how to shake the raised-on-processed-sugary-foods syndrome?

ok, more addictions - confession is cleansing. i get very anxious when i'm away from e-mail. 2 nights ago beau was trying to back up my 20K e-mails (i'm serious) and i woke up at 4am wanting to reconnect with e-mail since i didn't have a chance before going to bed because he was running some techy program. post script - i went back to bed and waited until first thing in the morning! talk about control.

i can't survive without lipgloss. my lips actually hurt after i'm done eating or brushing my teeth - begging to be reglossed.

my body aches without yoga. i'm sure you can relate.

my mind swirls without my planner pad - i never leave home without it (unless i'm going to a quick soiree). it's my form of meditation.

smells - i burn tons o' candles coupled with incense, plug-ins, and a fabreze machine -- all in different scents while wearing white musk perfume oil by the body shop.

my body would be permanently cold without tres hot baths - complete with lush bath bombs, of course. fresh out of a rose-filled one where rosebuds were actually floating around me. truly delightful.

considering my pulse goes up when i enter bookstores and i lose touch with reality, i also think i have a serious book-buying problem.

other than these minor struggles, i'm perfectly balanced! (note hint of sarcasm)

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Anonymous said...

OMG-- I have the same sugar addiction. It's very difficult, especially because my body type puts all the sugary yumminess straight to my stomach. I believe I would actually have a flat stomach if I could stop eating so much sugar. I didn't grow up with desserts and sodas around, but there were definitely processed sugar and partially hydrogenated corn syrup ingredients in the foods we were fed. It's definitely an addiction for me!

Anonymous said...

I once stopped eating chocolate and sugary things for a few days and got such bad headaches. Noone believed me but I thought it was due to not eating chocolate and when I began eating it again the headaches went.

Regina said...

Hee hee- I can so relate! The book buying obessesion is the biggest thing for me, although I have to say I have not bought one new book this year. I made a resolution to only buy used books but the problem with that is you can't get anything new that's come out!
But I think, there could be worse things than a new book or two or three and a little sugar- right?!

Anonymous said...

I am a book-aholic. I admit it freely. I have a Borders rewards card and when it came time to redeem my cash savings money last Christmas I had over a hundred dollars. Very bad since they give you only a small percent per dollar you spend.

My husband and I are working on passing over the financial dealings to him, since I just suck at it and we discovered that in our check book the checks flow in sequence like this. Borders, Borders, Ross (the heavenly discount wonderful awesome store!), Borders, Commissary for food, Borders, Ross, Ross, Borders, Borders, Borders, Commisary. I'm not exagerating at all, it's almost shameful once I realized how bad my book habit is.

One of my new goals is to be aware of this shadow comfort, and figure out what I'm really needing for myself instead of a book or new cute skirt.