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Monday, January 22, 2007

it's snowing, it's snowing!

the lovely white stuff is pouring from the sky while we pack up to head to vancouver (not without ANOTHER trip to the lush store, however!). yesterday we dropped louis off at a doggie day care for the first time ever. we actually went in to see if they had any ski sweaters for him but they only had hard core ski dog gear. their setting looked so appealing that we decided louis would have more fun there than wandering around the village with his lame parents.

as we left, my heart ached and i kept asking beau what he thought louis was doing and if he was ok. then, 2.5 hours later, i called the daycare to check in on him. lord have mercy, talk about attachment! then we picked the little booger up before heading to a fabulous power yoga/yin yoga class at neoalpine yoga and then dashed off for a sleigh ride. quite the adventurous day!

we had hoped to put a podcast together last night on chapter 2 - sensational sequences - but my drippy nose prevented it from happening. we hope to get it together tonight once we hit seattle later tonight. best wishes for a fabulously tranquil start to your week! xo

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Anonymous said...

I was telling my boyfriend about the Lush Bath Bombs and he said he would buy some for me. Unfortuantely I'm a little skeeved out by the tub in my apartment (I share it with two boys), so my bathtime bliss willl have to wait until after my lease is up. Alas!