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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

how are you different?

greetings girls. i've missed you. was only away one day but blogger was down earlier today when i had hoped to post . . . so here we are at 11pm. yesterday i was lucky enough to spend a day in new york. since i've discovered the bus ($35 roundtrip), i'm guiltless in my pursuit of new york pleasure. my main intention was to explore the fashion tradeshows to see what was out there for spring and get some new goods for the boutique. i ran through the three shows in a few hours and caught a cab to check out a studio which housed lululemon. i just LOVE the manifesto of this organization and the enthusiasm that those who work for the company embody. truly something to strive for. then, out of cash, i walked numerous blocks for my class at jivamukti and hit american apparel and H & M along the way purchasing four new black basics including a black strapless bodysuit (how fabulously retro is that?).

while practicing at jivamukti, i looked around and noted that the other 60 yogis were in fitted yoga gear while i was wearing a dress over my fitted yoga togs. i laughed because i realized that i was different and always have been to a degree. as a little girl i hiked with a purse, i still do so. when i lived and skiied in colorado, i wore a silver puffy coat from victoria's secret while others were decked out in north face and called me a "baked potato." during my paralegal days i read self-help in the park across from my law firm while lying on a woven pansy blanket. while others were sleeping on the bus last night, i was busily planning 2007 and putting stickers that read "road trip" or "spa day" into my planner. i could go on and on with examples.
you get the picture.

as the bus pulled in at 2:30 this morning, i saw a billboard that said "how are you different?" and i laughed because it is an important question and so fitting. being different can be hard at times as it is lonely but it is ultimately what will set you apart. can you reflect on a few gems that make you unique? remember that gorgeous poem by robert frost on the importance of choosing the path less chosen (with or without stickers)? well, i guarantee you won't be sorry and you'll help pave a path for others!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, let me count the ways...
- I'm a diehard girly-girl who adores football and action movies.
- I'm an opera lover with a special fondness for South Park.
- I'm a sensitive soul who thrives in the cutthroat world of advertising.
- I eat my oatmeal with soy sauce (don't knock it 'til you try it :-).

Fun exercise -- thanks, Kimberly!

Anonymous said...

I occasionally get called weird. All they mean is different, and I try to take it as a compliment. I don't like to copy what everyone else is doing, I'm very much my own person, with my own mind and enjoy my own company. If that's weird then bring it on :) I think many people are uncomfortable with people who can think for themselves and so try to put you down. Even yoga is thought of as weird with people I used to hang out with.

This is a good example, at work recently I was reading a book about art during my break time. Someone sat near me and asked what I was reading. They then asked "what are you reading that for? Is it what you're studying?". I said 'no I just like to read about it' and they gave me a funny look as if to say weirdo. Haha.

Cool post Kimberly.

Anonymous said...

> greetings girls.

Hey, there are some boys here, too. And we're behaving ourselves. ;-)