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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

muddled head/fab book

on monday i returned to the infamous hip hop dance class (accompanied by my lovely web designer and fabulous tranquil space studio assistant), had a book signing at whole foods, and met with a lovely recent mba graduate to chat about all things business. my head is still spinning. she had such great energy and asked me to put together a long list of likes, dislikes, thoughts, questions, and ideas. hmmm. this sounds like fun and daunting at the same time. i plan to carve out some quiet space on wednesday to put some deep thought into this.

as i've noted in numerous podcasts, it can be quite hard to really get clear on what it is one likes to do most. doesn't seem like it would be that tricky, but when you are continually in the mix of life, it can be difficult to determine what truly makes one tick!

during the downtime at yesterday's book signing, i began to explore my 2007 goals and reflect on the highlights of 2006. i hope to finalize this over the next week and encourage you to do the same. bullet points the moments that stick out so that they are captured as we move on to a new, fresh year.

on a totally separate, but equally important note, i received the most fabulous gift from a dear hip and tranquil chick. the book is called fancy nancy. it's a children's book that will totally make you smile. i've been quoting from it all week. enjoy and keep being fancy!

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