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Friday, December 22, 2006

dear hip tranquil chick . . .

Q: I will be flying around the holidays, and for some reason, for the last few years, my fear of flying has been getting worse and worse. I still fly all the time, but as we're taking off I always am convinced something is wrong and start feeling really panicky, and that fear usually lasts until we level off. I also hate the feeling of just not being in control of my environment, which is the case in closed-in environments like a plane cabin.

I really need to figure out how to deal with this! It gets in the way of enjoying travel. Do you have advice for how to feel tranquil even when experiencing fear or panicky feelings?

A: Oh, honey, I know what you mean. I hate flying. The slightest bit of turbulence and my pulse rises and I start my 3-part yogic breathing. I did some Internet research and found a lot of info out there. Here's a great piece of info! Also, I LOVE roller coasters and that fun flip of the belly when I'm in a car going down a hill. So I've tried to translate that to the plane.

It's a mind game. Sometimes in life, during challenging situations, our minds can go straight to the worst case scenario. Flying is no exception. Play the observor and work to bring your mind back to a state of reality. (Ex., just because your boss has asked to see you, doesn't mean you're going to get fired. Resonate?)

Deep breathing coupled with healthy snacks, good hydration (h2O), and inspiring things to read can assist coping with this fear suffered by many people. Thank you for writing and I hope that this helps you have some smooth and tranquil travels. Happy holidays.

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