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Sunday, December 03, 2006

book-signing extravaganzas

this weekend was filled with two fabulous events - tranquil space's annual holiday trunk show and a mimosa-filled brunch with urban divas. here are two photos from the two fab events - one where i'm signing my dear friend and sewing teacher's book, rachael of swank creations, and another where i'm giving a presentation at a today's book signing brunch held at a dupont circle art gallery.

it's truly hard to believe that it is already december and that we're in the midst of the holiday rush. this year has flown by (guess that happens as we get older). considering the weekend's events, today's podcast is behind but i wanted to share my presentation [mp3] from today. it's on creating a signature style (chapter 10) and finding some tranquility during this hectic season. i hope that this provides you with respite from any overwhelm you may be feeling. embrace the electric spirit of the season and have fun. i'm returning to hip hop dance class tomorrow after a year long hiatus. talk about electric!

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Anonymous said...

love your scarf! looks like fun!