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Sunday, November 26, 2006

hip tranquil chick podcast #59: savvy social consciousness (chap 12)

HTC: November 26, 2006 Shownotes

Bonjour! Welcome to the 59th edition of the Hip Tranquil Chick podcast: a guide to life on and off the yoga mat. Produced from the raspberry and leopard-print embellished flat in Washington, DC.

Today’s podcast is a discussion of Chapter 12 Savvy Social Consciousness and an interview with Liz Falk, topped of with a pose of the podcast, insights on upcoming events (including an upcoming international HTC retreat!), and groovy podsafe music! View our shownotes at

Liz Falk discovered yoga five years ago while living in Boulder. She found yoga to perfectly balance her life on and off the mat and believes it harmonizes her passion as an environmentalist. Liz explores, as a practitioner as well as teacher, how yoga recognizes the connection between our bodies and the Earth. She teaches this philosophy to her students in 'Whole Yoga' workshops. Before becoming truly energized by the beauty and creativity of Vinyasa, Liz studied various styles of Hatha yoga. Her classes integrate fundamental elements of Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga. Liz encourages her students to challenge themselves while respecting their own limits and to deepen their practice by using breath and mental awareness. Liz has been teaching yoga for almost two years in both D.C. and at a sustainability institute in Costa Rica. She has explored using yoga with troubled teens as a means to increase their self-esteem. Liz is member of the Green Yoga Association, committing to integrating Green Yoga principles into her teaching and life. Liz has a masters degree in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development. She is establishing an urban garden education program in DC to rekindle peoples' connection to the earth through growing food, supply fresh and healthy food to those without it, and provide a green safe haven in the city.

Daily green do-gooding tips from Liz:
1. Thing again before you drive. Take public transportation or carpool.
2. Shop at local stores and buy locally made products whenever you can.
3. Plant a garden or just one veggie plant in your yard or in a container in your living room. Get your hands a little dirty from its soil, water it, give it sun.
4. Bring your own bags to the grocery store.
5. Before you buy it ask yourself, “do I really need this?”
6. Disconnect from your headphones or cell phone and look around.
7. Shop at a used book or clothing store before buying new.
8. Volunteer in your community
9. Plant a tree.
10. Learn the names of 5 native trees and animals in your neighborhood.
11. Always carry a reusable water bottle and coffee cup
12. With the holidays around the corner, offset your travels. Go to Calculate your carbon emissions from traveling and offset it in various ways.
13. Shower for 5 minutes less than you do now.
14. Turn the lights, tv, radio and computer off when you are not using them.
15. Try to hang dry some of your clothes. You'll save energy and your clothes will last longer!

Recommended Resources by Liz
If you are interested in green yoga, how they can integrate environmentalism into their practice, or just have general questions or comments, contact Liz at

More tips from a local hip tranquil chick – green travel! Learn more at

Pose of the Podcast: tree

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To close out the show, we’re playing a special track thanks to Andy Chase and Unfiltered Records. Today’s selection is L'Anamour by Ivy. Andy is a multitasker... not only is he Ivy's guitarist, but he is also on tour heading the band Brookville... be sure to check them out in a city near you! You can learn more about Ivy and Brookville at and their MySpace pages.

Thanks for celebrating the 59th edition of the Hip Tranquil Chick podcast with me! Get your green on, girls! Namaste.

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    Kenya, your self-care bon vivant said...

    i think this was my favorite post (so far ;).

    fab job of making going green viable and fun!

    one of my fave sites is their videos fuse a great message with flip, hip vibe.

    looking forward to reading this chapter when my book arrives!