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Thursday, November 09, 2006

greetings from dc!

ahhh, after 15 hours of travel and 11 hours of sleep, i am delighted to be home and reconnected with everyone. a BIG thank you to our guest bloggers for sharing such valuable insights while i was away. i plan to write a muse on my time in mallorca but need a bit more space and a clear head (sans jet lag) to do so properly. in the meantime, i wanted to share the lyrics from a song that we used to close our circle on monday night. i think this will speak volumes and hope you enjoy it.

be who you were born to be
by bliss

no more time to waste, no more excuses
got to reach out your arms and embrace th sun
no more time for self-pitying abuses
got to stand up and shout and say
i am the one
'cause there's too much crying and talk of being free
got to jump off that cliff and be who you were born to be

no more time to waste on photos of the past
there's a star with your name on it and a love that's going to last
'cause there's been too much holding on and talk of being free
got to take it all with you and be who you were born to be

now i know the ice is melting, all the ships are going home
and the wind is getting colder and we feel more and more alone
so stop all your excuses, got the answers all for free
jump off that cliff and be who you were born to be

may we all take a moment today to explore who we were born to be. namaste.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Kimberly! Can't wait to hear abut your experiences! That songs reminds me of a magnet I have on my refrigerator- it says, "Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down."
Get some rest and good to have you back. The guest bloggers were wonderful, too!