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Sunday, October 08, 2006

tranquil space foundation ideas flow

this evening i met with my fabulous start-up team and board to discuss the curriculum plans for our signature program. we reviewed the yoga, creativity, and leadership plans while also discussing possible names for our program. after we began to get a little punchy, we called it a night and decided to continue the convos via e-mail. every meeting continues to get more and more honed in on the exciting work we will be doing. it brings about such a great sense of community to have the opportunity to work with an impressive group who is equally invested in making this organization a success.

i'm enjoying learning about the non-profit world as this is my first exposure to the internal workings of them. on wednesday i'm spending a lot of the day at the washington area women's foundation's special event. i'm so looking forward to hearing the speakers and mingling with fellow women invested in making a difference. after all, isn't that what it's all about?

i was chatting with a student yesterday about the evolution of tranquil space and how my journey happened organically out of a desire to grow personally, rather than a 5-year strategic plan. i emphasized with her the importance of leaving a legacy. although all of our legacies will be very different, it is the notion of leaving one that matters. have you thought about what yours will be? lord knows mine is always in flux, but let's do our best to leave a mindfully extravagant one.

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Anonymous said...

As a bodyworker, they say that your practice will grow because of your desire to help others, and also a desire to help yourself. If you don't do your own work then you can't help others do theirs... it is an organic process, surely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly,
Your foundation sounds fantastic, I wish I had access to programs like that in Puerto Rico where I grew up. Any help needed with hispanic teenagers let me know!

Muchos Saludos :)