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Thursday, October 26, 2006

podcast interview, blog request, and more!

dearest hip tranquil chicks,

whew, what a week. non-stop action from the minute my feet hit the floor until my head hit the pillow. meetings, meetings, and more meetings. do you ever look at your to-do list and wonder what in the world you did even though you see a ton of words with lines through them? if you could see my planner pad . . . every single line is filled, there are highlights all over (to help certain lines stand out over others), and the to-dos seep into the appointment section. if i could take a picture of it, i would. i think you'd laugh.

since i'm going to be away for a week, would any of you like to submit pieces to keep some action (and inspiration) on the blog? amanda was such a great guest blogger while i was inaccessible in august that i thought i'd open the possibility up to any of you who have a desire to share some hip and tranquil thoughts. if you have some (words of wisdom, recipes, book recommendations, poems, style tips), please pass them along to me via e-mail by tuesday, october 31 to have posted while i'm away.

finally, listen to my first interview about hip tranquil chick. it's with a dear friend of mine and fellow yogi, darren main. i hope you enjoy it!

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