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Saturday, October 21, 2006

new hip tranquil chick site launched & more!

hello my darlings,
wow, who would have known that confession could be so much fun. i heard from so many of you and really appreciated your responses. guess i'll have to confess more often!

if you haven't yet seen our new look, please visit let me know your thoughts.

thursday in nyc was fabulous. starting at 5:30am and home at 1:30, to bed at 3am. whew, what a day. the ladies who launch event was inspiring as always. the speakers were fun, the vibe was warm, and the day was perfect. a full-day focused on personal development (even if i was a little under the weather) is my idea of a dream day. after the event i gallivanted down to union square in preparation for a yoga class at the shala. en route, i passed a day spa with "walk-ins welcome" on the front glass. since i had an hour to kill, i peeked my head in to see if they had any openings for reflexology. indeed they did so i was in bliss for an hour. then off to yoga for a long intermediate practice that felt amazing. afterwards i headed to jivamukti a few doors down for a bliss salad - filled with avocados and yummy greens. i got two new books while there - diet for a new america (reconnecting me to my need to be vegetarian) and a translation of the yoga sutras. finally, back down to penn station where i had noted a new borders nearby. unfortunately it was closed so i decided to head to the h&m across the street. ok, another confession, this is another guilty pleasure. although i love supporting independent designers, i can't help but find myself drawn to h&m's selection and prices. at the train station i picked up another book, true to yourself: leading a values-based business. due to extreme excitement about my new books, i didn't sleep at all on the train and read the whole way home!

today after teaching and having two meetings, i put together halloween treats for the tranquil space managers & teachers - a goody bag filled with lip gloss, a tea light, candy necklace, and pumpkin lollipops. yum! i LOVE holidays and am a sucker for goody bags. if you have a moment, send a halloween card or goody bag to your friends and/or family. these little surprises (especially via snail mail) can mean so much.

during dinner tonight, i kept ordering for my beau. i was like "we'll have an apple salad and fried mozzerella." when i continued this mode for dessert, he said, "you know i can order for myself." "oh, why bother when i can easily do it for us both?," i replied. we laughed at this odd role reversal. personally, i love it when these things happen.

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Anonymous said...

The new look is great, Kimberly! I was starting to freak out because when I went to the old site, a search page came up in for "black pants tight"! I thought you were hacked! I hope others don't have trouble finding you!
It's so interesting that you say you need to reconnect with being vegetarian again as I am having those thoughts, too. I feel like I really need to start a cleanse and animal meat is not a part of that...
I am so glad your day went well and that you were able to enjoy and learn and grow from it. Kudos on all the books and... a little role reversal never hurt anyone!