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Sunday, October 01, 2006

lazy sunday afternoon

i can't recall the last sunday (my day off) that i actually had free. the weekends have been as much of a whirlwind lately as the weekdays. however, today is different! woke up late morning, discussed with beau how the day would unfold (the challenge of the many things we should do such as grocery or tar-jay shopping, closet cleaning, and overall organizing of life and home, combined with the many things we wanted to do such as read, stay in bed and nap, sip tea, and enjoy the quiet). as i sit curled up on my chaise lounge with magazines, planner, journal, louis, and some jasmine green tea nearby, i have to say life IS good! taking the time to simply be is a must-have in addition to the leggings, tunics, and platform shoes i noted in yesterday's post. i hope that you, too, can squeeze a little down time into your busy life. afterall, that is what sundays are for - taking care of you! enjoy.

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