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Monday, October 30, 2006

dreams into reality

the dream was always running ahead of me. to catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that was the miracle. ~ anais nin

as we move into a season of reflection and giving thanks, i can’t help but smile when i think of how special this time of the year is to me. aside from the delightful chill in the air, the ability to don legwarmers again, and the joy of hot baths, november means even more. tranquil space began as a seedling in my living room seven years ago this month so i always take a moment to reflect on how blessed i have been to connect with so many fabulous folks since its inception. and now with my book, hip tranquil chick, hitting the shelves, it is a joy to see three years of effort come to fruition. i share this with you because i know that you, too, have dreams inside of you and they can sometimes feel daunting. so i wanted to share some thoughts on how to turn them into reality:

1. fulfill a need. when i began tranquil space, there was little to no yoga in dc and the studios that i visited outside the city weren’t quite the right fit for me. so, i went through a teacher training and began inviting people into my living room. same with the book. i’m a self-diagnosed bibliophile who is currently reading at least thirty books. i couldn’t find a book that helped translate yoga as a lifestyle for the modern girl, so i decided to write one.

2. start small and research. explore ways to “moonlight” with your dream. is your desire to open a flower shop yet you are currently a paralegal? well, work part-time on the weekends in a local shop and buy all the books you can on the internal workings of a flower shop to ensure it is a good fit. gradually move away from your “safe” job into the life you crave.

3. be of service. is your dream to be a yoga teacher, an attorney, or a knitting storeowner? whatever it is that you dream of doing; explore ways of giving back with your work. you’ll earn good karma points and have a great time all at once. nothing makes me happier than teaching chair yoga at an assisted living center each month.

4. reward your efforts. as congratulations to myself for the completion of hip tranquil chick, i’m dashing off to spain on halloween to spend a week at a creativity and leadership retreat with one of my favorite authors, lynne franks. she wrote seed: the feminine way to do business that had a huge influence on me in my early business years. it is important to take the time to honor yourself for your efforts or days, even years, may slip by.

5. never stop growing. we all know the importance of repotting a plant to give it ample room to grow and develop. we’re the same way. be sure to carve out the mental space to learn new things, expand your horizons, read, and travel. it will do your dreams good!

keep dreaming, girls!

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