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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

dashing off to espana

dearest readers,

i'm breathing a sigh of relief as i knocked everything off my list yesterday - 5 meetings, 1 french class, laundry, began packing, designed dress layout for book launch, wrote newsletter muses, and recorded 2 podcasts (one on que for when i'm away). now i'm able to causually prepare to leave the country for a week. it feels odd. i haven't been away solo for vacation since i went to spain for my 30th birthday - so over 3 years. it feels lonely and invigorating at the same time (i'll be the only american at this small womens' retreat). as i was reflecting in my journal this morning, i wrote "i hope my time away with give me a chance to break some bad routines (non-stop connection to e-mail, aka addiction), to regain perspective, and to reflect." basically, i'm excited to see the forest for the trees so to speak. sometimes it takes pulling myself out of routine and my regular setting to truly appreciate the trees. sound familiar? resonate?

as i mentioned in a previous post, this trip is my reward to myself for the book. it's so important to take a moment to honor your efforts and i hope that you, too, will take a moment this week to reflect on the completion of a goal. treat yourself. maybe it isn't a retreat in spain, but maybe it is a new journal, new book, freshly sharpened scented colored pencils, a weekend away at a nearby spa, or a yoga class with your favorite teacher. whatever it is, i encourage you to become your own cheerleader (sound familiar from yesterday's podcast?).

thank you to those of you who wrote in to share some fun insights with our readers. my beau will post them while i'm away so you will still have daily doses of tranquility coming your way. best wishes for a fabulous week and happy halloween! back in touch on november 8. xoxo

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Anonymous said...

have a fabulous and well-deserved vacation in Espana! fantastico! indulge on the tapas y sangria and ENJOY the retreat! i loved the excerpt from "hip tranquil chick" and look forward to its release. thank you for writing it, and for sharing your passion with the world! much love and success!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time, Kimberly! You do deserve it! Bon chance and bon voyage!

Anonymous said...

have a wonderful trip - bon voyage!