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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

bold & audacious

today i was blessed to attend the washington area women foundation luncheon and got to hear the CEO of the bill and melinda gates foundation speak. there were 1200 women at the event and the generous spirit of giving back was contagious. the growth of the wawf was encouraging considering we're (the tranquil space foundation) still meeting in my living room and are funded fully by tranquil space studio. it's all an evolutionary process, right?

the speaker from the gates foundation encouraged women to become audacious and to take bold steps because that is where greatness comes from. she and the other speaker, ann fudge, noted the importance of girls and women finding someone who believes in them. i, too, agree that this can make all the difference in the world. how can we let someone struggling know that we believe in them? offering support, a gentle nudge, and the tools to move forward can have profound effects.

the speakers also emphasized the importance of having high expectations. we must have high expectations for ourselves and others. the hip tranquil chick never accepts status quo. one of my favorite writers, anais nin, said that life shrinks or expands in response to one's courage. i agree. be courageous, be bold, and take audacious steps to living the life you deserve. be sure to lift others up along the way. otherwise the success is pointless.

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Anonymous said...

I also believe everyone should have some kind of a mentor. It's one thing to say be bold and be courageous, but if you grew up never knowing those traits in yourself, it helps to have someone who can be an example to you and give you encouragement. You are a wonderful mentor and as I look at the other women in my life, I can see how each of them can be mentors to me in different ways.
So glad the foundation is finding its way and thanks for being such a wonderful example to all of us women.