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Friday, September 29, 2006

the last kiss

so last week on date night (yep, beau and i have set up an official date night each week) we went to go see the new zach braff movie (such a cutie!) the last kiss. if you haven't seen it, i encourage you to check it out. for a comedy, it sure brought up a ton of emotion. considering the movie touched on so many things about relationships: choices, marriage, babies, feeling trapped, death, inability to commit, broken hearts, and inability to move on. whew, i came out of the movie feeling a whirlwind of emotion and great respect for the challenge of partnerships. if you're looking for a movie that addresses early adulthood issues, spend two hours of your time, a matinee ticket if you're on a budget, and throw in some milk duds for some deep thinking entertainment.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly,
I saw the original version in Italy, L'ultimo baccio. The movie was delightful, even though I was a college student who did not have early adulthood issues. Now that I do, I looking forward to watch the American version. Thanks for the recommendation. Muchos Saludos,

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anet, and I too would recommend the Italiano version of "The Last Kiss" aka. "L'Ultimo Bacio". You can watch with without subtitles, and still comprehend what's going on! I believe its some of the best acting and story line I've come across in recent years, and really gives perspective to those different issues you mentioned in this entry that each of us have on our different paths in life.

I've really enjoyed perusing your blog and reading your insights about how to incorporate yoga into everyday living. Reading your thoughts always brings life into a "dead" day. Grazie Mille! I can't wait for you book to come out!


Anonymous said...

YES!! Definitely watch the original Italian version. I gurantee it would be a much different experience than the American version.