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Saturday, September 09, 2006

dear hip tranquil chick . . .

Q: i've hit that point "when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." i feel like i'm spinning my wheels and not living to my full potential but i don't know how to get out of this funk - everything seems to revolve around money and time and resources that i simply don't have. and so i'm writing to you, hoping you can off some words of wisdom, advice, encouragement, help, time, anything.

A: it sounds as if you're going through an ongoing cycle that we call life. never easy, eh? unfortunately, i don't have a magic recipe for getting out of this funk, although i can appreciate it as if i were there with you (because i have been many times before and will be many times in the future). it's honestly a good place to be because it means you're not complacent - that's the most dangerous state.

a few things that immediately came to mind when i read your oh-so-common dilemma were:

1. what would you do if time and money were absolutely NOT an issue? this is such an important question that someone asked me a couple years ago. time and money are two resources that hold us back more than anything else. pretend they aren't an issue. what would you do differently?
2. something that sarah powers mentioned at my yin/meditation training last week was that we are always looking for results. if we focus on the process, results are guaranteed, but let go of attachment to results. i found this particular statement to be profound!
3. your full potential is a fabulous thing to strive for--just don't let it get in the way of enjoying the journey. read something new, learn a new word, try a new recipe, practice a new pose. these are all ways to move toward your full potential in small steps every day.
4. determine what you are passionate about. this relates to #1. once you figure this out, go after it and allow it to evolve and unfold as you grow. for example, i started a studio in my living room because i was passionate about yoga. a few years later i started designing yoga clothes, a couple years later i began writing my book, and now i'm creating a non-profit that focuses on yoga, creativity, and leadership for young girls. all of these passions grew from yoga. allow the growth of your passion and potential to be organic.
5. spend daily time in contemplation: journal writing, meditation, yoga, tea sipping, bath soaking. this helps you connect to your core.
6. once you've determined your passion and spent time in contemplation figuring out what you want, begin moving slowly in the direction of your dreams. for example, do you dream of owning a tea house? begin reading up on teas, sampling numerous teas, playing with your own blends, hosting tea parties, trying out recipes that compliment various teas, honing your craft and what makes you different, and launching your very own tea house (one of my secret dreams).

all these little steps help satiate your passion and are sure to life you from a funk. promise.

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Anonymous said...

i would add:

Find the thing you fear doing and do that. If

the desire for more time and money has an elenent of the desire for complacency. I feel that to be fully alive, to fully realize our potential means always being a little scared, always uncertain of the outcome.

When we are not scared and are knowlegable about outcomes, we become less sensitive.

Regina said...

I can so relate with this... thanks for your insights, Kimberly. There is the old addage that says, "Fake it until you make it", kind of like your #1, and oh, if only wishing made it so... but I am realizing as I get older that it is your thoughts that direct you, so if you can direct your thoughts in more positive ways, that's where you'll go...

Anonymous said...

Kimberly you are so wise :) I am incredibly lost right now and feel like I'm just rolling with everything since my new job and new house and have no time to do anything I want anymore. I really need to find myself again and this post really helped me see that so thank you!