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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

retreat lessons learned

i feel so much lighter after all this fresh air, the views of rolling hills, reflection time, lack of constant cell phone connection, and amazing vegetarian food. i wanted to share a few of my favorite lessons from these two trainings so far:

1. reflect on what comprises the authentic you.
2. the person that goes first sets the playing field.
3. speak slowly, succinctly, and with confidence.
4. eat whole foods that sustain energy such as kale, tempeh, tofu, miso, legumes.
5. be aware of your inner voice – is it supportive or limiting?
6. listen actively.
7. accept applause graciously.
8. give back with time, donations, and mentoring.
9. patterns of reactivity come up in droves with meditation.
10. you can’t be a vehicle for change if you don’t know yourself intimately.
11. yoga practices are meant to enliven our potential.
12. the 4 ways we influence prana (life force) is through needles (acupuncture), affecting the meridians through yin yoga, breath, and concentration.
13. how you protect yourself from pain is also how you protect yourself from ecstasy and intimacy. be open.
14. suffering is optional.
15. start each day mindfully with some yin yoga, yang yoga, shavasana, and meditation.

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1 comment:

Regina said...

I love this list, Kimberly. Really a lot of food for thought. No. 5 really resonates with me as well as no. 13...