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Saturday, August 05, 2006

hunchback hurts

after editing non-stop most of the week, including 12 hours on friday and 4 on saturday, my poor shoulders and upper back have NEVER felt so sad. on friday i even took two breaks to take a bubble bath and to lie over a bolster to help relieve the hunchback. after finishing the final review of my book, i had 10 minutes to spare before leaving to teach my darling yoga 1ers and then had a reward of a mini-massage and facial scheduled. my sweet beau took the manuscript to fed ex and off it went. however, my shoulders have yet to recover. the massage therapist was shocked at the state of my back and encouraged me to focus on lying flat in bed for the first 30-45 minutes in order to help it realign. apparently that is how we are supposed to sleep, according to her. whereas i have about 11 pilows, a featherbed, and 2 duvets (oh, and louis) surrounding me so there isn't much lying flat happening here. so, i share my drama to encourage fellow readers to avoid hundback by:

1. taking breaks throughout the day with mini yoga poses - bring hands behind back, interlace them, and lift up; eagle arms; lie over a bolster (placed under your bra line); twists and side bends
2. sit up as tall as possible - makes you appear more confident and helps you avoid this hunchback state
3. get regular shoulder, neck, and upper back massages
4. practice lying flat in bed/on the floor to help realign

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