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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

tranquil space foundation seeds planted!

last night was our first official tranquil space foundation (TSF) planning session. we discussed ideas ranging from yoga in prisons to a "breathe in" to empowering teen girls. with a vision as broad as creating a tranquil space in our society, it is hard to determine our signature event in addition to our current charity community. the more i mull it over, the more i lean toward work with teenage girls. can you imagine the power of meeting mentors during those awkward formative years who remind you that you can be anything you dream, that you possesss a ton of potential (as we all do), and teach you to work with your body rather than fight against it? wow, now that could have the potential to make a profound effect on blooming women! so many options and i'm delighted to watch the vision unfold. if any fellow hip tranquil chicks have feedback or non-profit start-up suggestions, please pass them along!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly!

Focusing on teenage girls is a wonderful idea! I have several girls age 14-17 that come to some of my classes and they absolutely LOVE yoga. Recently one young lady who is 14,came to me after class and said she loved the physical challenge of the poses but more so she could feel her stress just melting off of her and couldn't remember the last time she felt so calm and relaxed. And if memory serves me, it's pretty stressful at that age, dealing with body issues, peer pressure and changing roles and responsibilities. Then she gave me a HUGE hug! What a great way to empower young girls.


Heather Larson said...

Focus on teaching inmates yoga so they can in turn become yoga teachers themselves on the outside someday. That would be wonderful!