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Thursday, June 01, 2006

greetings from CHI cog O

don't ask, for some reason i think it is fun to pronounce it like this. umm, it's the small things.

arrived yesterday, set up for hours, had some reflexology (yuuummmm!), reconnected with fellow exhibitors like foat design and agoy, connected with the studio for a few hours, and crawled into bed with my room service treats. a great, action-packed day!

today began with a wake-up call at 7am (i find this hour ungodly) and has been booth sitting ALLLL day. tonight i look forward to watching a demo by duncan wong, creator of yogic arts, along with hearing opening remarks from david life of jivamukti.

to give you a brief glimpse into this weekend's world, i've attached a photo of the tranquiliT booth. it's a breath of fresh (and pink) air to a very woodsie setting. i hope to get in some rockin' yoga with some of the conference's amazing teachers. unfortunately hip hop yoga is sold out, but i'm determined to find the perfect thing. gotta practice the art of detachment, even at yoga conference's hip hop classes!

i just received word that sweet amanda's blog is featured today on dc blogs. check it out and good work, ms. amanda!

i look forward to sharing any "a-ha" moments from classes, connections, or conference musings as they unfold. i hope each of you are having a great post-holiday weekend week. back to the booth . . .

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Sido said...

There is little to no yoga here in Winona, MN and especially no place to find cool yoga gear or clothes. I couldn't afford to attend the conference, but I thought I might drive over to Chicago and check out the vendors. When I emailed the organizers about visiting the seller's booths, I was told that it would only be open to conference participants. As a vendor yourself, this policy means that you are losing a lot of potential sales from people like me. You may want to speak to the organizers about opening up the marketplace to everyone, the same way the Yoga Journal Conferences do.