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Sunday, May 14, 2006

on deadline/mother's day musing

tomorrow is the final submission of the manuscript with edits. ahhh, may 15 has been like a little clock ticking away since my editor and i set the dates late 2005. it seems to me that authors take nine months to write a non-fiction book once it is picked up by a publisher, but we wanted to get the little gem out in time for the holidays so i had six months. it's been an incredible journey and i've thoroughly enjoyed the process. working to put concepts into clear and concise statements is a challenge. i get what a hip tranquil chick is, but how to best relay the message to readers? doing so in an entertaining and insightful way is critical to a book's success. i can't wait to share this work with you!

on another note, in celebration of mother's day, my beau and i took louis to a pug meet-up in maryland (yes, they really have such things. owners show up in pug t-shirts, carrying pug handbags, etc). louis was a total rock star and when they announced a race, we jumped at the opportunity to let little louis shine. tim held onto him and when they said "go," little louis was off. he won hands down and got another little red lobster (his fave toy) as a prize. we both laughed that we were way more proud than "normal" people should be over their dog winning a 100-foot race. it's the little things . . .

ok, back to writing, gotta stop procrastinating. wishing all a happy mother's day as we are all mothers in some way! i hope you'll take a moment to honor the many women who have gone before us to help make our lives so full of opportunities.

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