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Saturday, May 13, 2006

hippin' and hoppin' with yoga

last night was my quarterly hip hop yoga workshop at tranquil space. the electrifying music creates such a fun, playful, rhythmic mood as students flowed through sun saluations, standing poses, and LOADS of hip openers (figured i should carry the hip theme throughout). i took my first class to hip hop tunes out in LA (of course!) a few years ago and i was smitten. moving beyond krisha das and sounds of the ocean truly made a difference in the energy of my practice. sure my bum moved a bit more in down dog and i liked to sing along to tunes i knew, but it was more than that. it was an overall connection to the beat and the feeling that "this shouldn't be so much fun," that made it even more powerful. sometimes doing something that doesn't fit convention or isn't viewed as the "right way" (hip hop vs. new age) can make your practice of yoga and life even more sexy.

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