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Friday, May 26, 2006

finding your edge

you know that point when you're outside of your comfort zone, but not in actual pain? that's what finding your edge is all about. truly experiencing that point of uneasiness coupled with excitement, yet devoid of injury.

in yoga class we talk a lot about finding your edge, and i think it is a great topic to ponder. how do you find your edge? i think of staying in the comfort zone as death. death to growth, death to challenge, death to new experiences. sure, moving outside of the safety box is uncomfortable, but it will sure give you a kick in the pants.

as we move into a fun holiday weekend, how can you move closer to your edge? take a class you don't normally take. play in the garden when you're not really a "get your hands dirty" gal. mingle with folks you don't know well. sign up for something you've been considering for years. buy a bike when you're normally a "play it safe and metro" girl. go for a run. grill corn in the husk. make a date with an acquaintance you've been wanting to get to know better. sit at a cafe and people watch, rather than reading the sunday paper at home.

each of us find our edge in different ways. remember your path is uniquely yours. but get your bum out there and make things happen. make friends with your edge and live on it! have a FABULOUS, edge-filled holiday weekend.

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K said...

Dear Kimberly,
I have just started blogging, and I came across your blog while surfing on the net. It is really amazing how you can actually pen down exactly what chicks feel. You are truly gifted. I am looking forward to your book.
As a creative person I've often pushed myself to the limits.
As I've started working, everything from attending dance to meetimg my friends have suffered, but even then I try and make most of the situation. And though life cudn't be better for me now (gr8 job, gr8 boi, gr8 friends), lately I have been feeling like something's missing. Until I read your blog!

I had lost my edge lately. Somewhere on the back of my mind I wanted to move out of my comfort zone, i.e. my family and friends and my city and move to Mumbai to live on my own - study photography and learn dancing. U helped me get my groove back. Now I am determined to work towards making this happen. Will take a while but just a few years without any strings attached would do me gud.