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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

the creation of the tranquil space foundation

i choose to rise up out of that storm and see that in moments of desperation, fear, and helplessness, each of us can be a rainbow of hope, doing what we can to extend ourselves in kindness and grace to one another. and i know for sure that there is no them . . . there's only us.—oprah winfrey

the purpose of my baby, tranquil space, can best be summed up with a mission of helping others find their own tranquility within. as a yoga studio with hopes of enhancing lives on and off the yoga mat, i am embarking on our next journey with the creation of the tranquil space foundation—a public charity with hopes of going above and beyond our current studio charity efforts to reach even more people and offer tranquility into their lives.

ahhh, the evolutionary process: seven years ago this month i went through my first teacher training. a few months later, with visions of special strangers huddled around my living room’s fireplace drinking tea, doing yoga and connecting, i hung fliers around the neighborhood announcing yoga in dupont. this single act was the launch pad for this young girl from oklahoma working as a paralegal with a psychology degree. thus, tranquil space began.

over the years we’ve grown to encompass trunk shows, colorful studio d├ęcor, lifestyle-focused “off the mat” workshops, the tranquiliT boutique, expansion to bethesda and downtown, creativity circles, the tranquiliT collection, four main charities, and hip tranquil chick. my initial reason for starting the studio continues to expand with yoga and tranquility at the helm. i believe that yoga for the sake of yoga is powerful, but not as powerful as sprinkling it throughout your lifestyle.

social consciousness has always been an important component to us with the numerous charities we support. our four main charities are the humane society, arbor day foundation, my sister’s place, and the fund for women artists. for example, in june we’ll plant a tree in a damaged national forest for each pass purchased.

with the new tranquil space foundation, we will add more to our current successes with our deserving charities and events like doga and girl’s night in. tranquil space foundation will continue what we have already started through tranquil space – a movement toward bringing the tranquility of yoga to everyday life. the foundation vision includes more special fundraising events, scholarships to students and teachers, direct service by taking yoga to special populations, and a strong board that resonates with the vision of creating a tranquil space within our society. on top of all of this, tranquil space foundation will itself be a public charity, giving another outlet for members of the community to make tax-deductible donations to the cause.

if you know someone you would like to nominate to serve on the board of the new tranquil space foundation, or would like to share any ideas on how you see it serving our community, please e-mail me at i would love to hear your feedback.

my hope is that tranquil space serves to inspire all who enters its doors, and that hip tranquil chick serves to inspire all who read or listen. life is lived by stepping strategically outside of one’s comfort zone to head in the direction of your dreams, while ultimately serving others simultaneously. continue your exploration of yoga as a lifestyle and enjoy the constant evolution of it. unleash your unlimited potential. let your yogic lifestyle be as unique as you are. embrace the teachings, hold onto what resonates with you, and continue to live your life one pose at a time. let’s work together to help create a truly tranquil space.

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Anonymous said...

i enjoyed your blog.. thanks much.. feel free to visit mine i believe you wll lke it

Anonymous said...

your hope to inspire is actually a reality! Not only am I inspired but from reading the comments and "chick chats" others are inspired as well.

You Rock!