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Sunday, April 30, 2006

yogini gone wild

after spending most of the day hibernating in bed due to one too many cosmos, i have been moving a bit slowly this evening. those neurons just aren't firing so quickly. my beau says it's good to have some down time. i, instead, feel antsy that i didn't get enough done. it IS supposed to be my day off but i didn't even step outside to see the beautiful weather. ahhh, tomorrow's a new day filled with sunshine, productivity, and a clear head.

i wanted to share a fave restorative sequence to help you get through your not-so-fabulous/one-too-many-cosmos days:

(extra doses of tranquility include a silk lavender-filled eyepillow, a scented candle burning nearby, the phone turned off, rosebud salve on your lips, and a yummy essential oil rubbed onto your temples. have a blanket or bolster nearby for #2-5.)

1. a total delight--legs up the wall. begin on your back and extend your legs up a wall. place your bum as close to the wall as possible and for a shoulder opener, bring the arms up over your head and reach for opposite elbows. notice your breath and feel the body soften. for a variation, open your legs to a wide v. for another variation, bend your knees and place the soles of the feet together. stay here as long as feels good.

2. slowly roll over to your right side, rest a few breaths, and roll up to a seated position. take a blanket or bolster and roll it tightly lengthwise. place the blanket vertically behind your tailbone, and lie back over the blanket. let your arms splay out to the sides or up over your head.

3. roll to your right side and sit up, place the blanket horizontally under the shoulderblades (at your bra line) and roll back over the blanket. this one is a huge heart opener and so powerful.

4. roll to your right side and slowly lift up to a child's pose. bring your big toes together and open your knees wide. place the blanket in between the knees and rest over the blanket(s), turn your head to either side.

5. place a rolled blanket under your shoulderblades horizontally and one under your knees. let those arms splay out behind the blanket. yummy mountain brook pose. ahhhhhh . . .

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