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Thursday, March 23, 2006


i said a very sad goodbye to little louis as we dropped him off at "camp" tonight and now i'm saying a say goodbye to fellow hip tranquil chicks as i'll be sans internet connection for a WHOLE week. it's been a whirlwind the past few days as i prepare to lead a week-long retreat in tobago starting tomorrow. we have an amazing group of yogis coming and i'm delighted to spend a week diving deeper into my practice without the distraction of modern day technology (no cell phone either!). ahhhh, i may go into withdrawal but i'll come back a saner person!

my wish is for each of you to also have a moment of disconnect over the next week. by disconnect i mean a removal from a habitual pattern. for me it is being online/accessible constantly, for you it could be as simple as having 1 cup of coffee instead of 2 or fruit and nuts instead of a candy bar midday. whatever your vice, may you enjoy a moment of disconnection that ultimately results in a deeper connection to who you are and what truly makes you tick.

thanks for being you and sharing your beautiful selves with me. we're all so unique and have such fun idiosyncracies that make us even more special. embrace this during your disconnect. embody self-compassion. watch your spirit bloom this spring.

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Anonymous said...

I love this idea! Thank you so much for it... We'll miss you too while you are away but I can't wait to hear/read all about your time away and what you learned from it.

Anonymous said...

I am going away to the lake district in the countryside for the weekend which will completely distance me from normal things. I really need a break yey!

Good luck with your trip!

Anonymous said...

I agree that I can't wait to read all about your experiences during your week away. After following the blog and podcast, as well as some of the recommended resources, over the last several months, I was inspired to take a week off between switching jobs to stay at home and reconnect with the things that are really important for me. I know that I am not alone, particularly in this crazy Washington scene, in sometimes becoming wrapped up in work and using my job to define myself and my priorities. My hope is that during my week of non-work, I can take the time to recognize what is truly important to me through some self-nurturing activities and journal writing, and reconnect with my true identity that is not defined by work.