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Sunday, February 26, 2006

the many hats we wear

have you ever stopped to think about the many facets that make you up? during a PR class up in NY last year, the facilitator mentioned how a title doesn't really sum up all we do. for example, my title of "creative director" has always had a great ring to me but it doesn't speak to the clothing line or book quite like it does the studio. so i've thought about having a new card designed that has "designer, writer, yoga teacher, entrepreneur, speaker, oklahoman, knitter-in-the-making, . . . " it could go on and on.

think of all the hats you wear on a regular basis. as women we juggle so much. if we're women who are truly growing, we're innovating all the time. what are the words that sum you up? what would be a perfect title to encompass your varied hats? how do you want to be known to the world? a title such as "CEO" or "EVP" can't begin to tell your story fully. ponder the words that would share your sensational story with the world and let me know what you find.

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