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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

share your thoughts

we're all a work in progress, eh? me especially! i was up until 3am a couple nights ago reading the new martha stewart business book. such an easy, quick, and inspiring read. my beau laughed the next morning and was like, "must have been QUITE the page turner." well, it was!

haven't read a fiction book in years. people swear by them to escape. i swear by non-fiction to grow. i crave continued development. ok, one other secret--can't read without a pen. yep, have to be able to underline the key points!

on this self-confession note, i would LOVE your feedback on the studio as another way to continue developing. we sent out an online survey in this week's newsletter. if you're a yogi at tranquil space (or a yogi with ideas to share), please let me know what you think. i truly value your input (even if you do read fiction without a pen).

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Anonymous said...

I'm the exact same way. The last fiction I read was the book on tape version of the Da Vinci Code and that was months ago! But I go through non-fiction like water. I just read Mama Gena's first book at the suggestion in one of your blog posts and I loved it. Up next is another one you suggested, Girl Meets Bliss. Keep up the great suggestions!