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Sunday, January 15, 2006

greetings from san fran!

this was my second annual yoga journal conference in san francisco and i had a great lesson in surrendering expectations. while reading my fab girl seeks bliss book on the flight out, the author writes that the reason for so many of our drama is due to expectations. ah hah! what a fabulous point. as i approached my first west coast yoga conference with excitement, i quickly realized (as did all the other vendors) that this show was going to be slow. so, i decided to make the best of it. i snuck out of the tradeshow (leaving poor beau in the pink boutique) and took classes with david swenson and rusty wells, chatted with all the talented and fun vendors, edited my first three chapters of hip tranquil chick, and ate lots of haribo gummy bears.

can't say i felt a lot better after the bags of gummy bears (belly kinda ached) but i felt AMAZING after the yoga, of course!! david swenson helped me get back in touch with flying and floating--something he teaches so very well. rusty wells is a total rock star and he opened with "how ya'll doing?" ummmm, "how ya'll doing" is only said where i come from! i love that he translated his arkansas roots to his urban life in san fran. i've heard fabulous things about him for the past year and was truly delighted to be in his presence. he had a powerful effect on everyone in the room. he truly touched the students, made us laugh, and many were teary-eyed during shavasana when he played a sarah maclaughlin song.

although the show may not have been good for us 40 vendors stuck in the hotel basement, but by letting go of expectations and going with the flow, i was able to partake in an amazing flow with a teacher who inspired me beyond my expectations. ahhhh, expectations!

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