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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

doing things differently

i'm writing as i sit sipping a kiwi pear green tea at the books a million cafe on dupont circle. since i'm such a proponent of doing things differently, i decided i should walk my talk. i'm such a creature of habit that i am somewhat scheduled in my routine of moving between studio and home. so the past few days i've been trying to shake it up.

for my 2-year anniversary on sunday my beau and i indulged in a champagne brunch at the kennedy center instead of a typical dinner out. i took the monday night yoga 3 with siobhan rather than working from home. then i had a solo creativity date and headed to browse at the bookstore for 1.5 hours (my fave thing to do next to taking baths and doing yoga). tuesday was a typical 10-hour studio day with 3 more hours of writing and e-mailing at home so it wasn't as creative. but today i'm so proud of myself because i took the noon class, handled some studio stuff, had a meeting with my managing director, and then instead of heading home to do more writing, i shimmied over to books a million to do it differently.

i share this with you because i'm sure you can relate. some days seem so rote. get up, drink tea, eat granola, get dressed, walk dog, check e-mail, go to work, eat lunch, go home, eat dinner, walk dog, work some more, go to sleep. how to add a bit more flair? i think that taking tiny steps to vary your routine can do wonders for your outlook. it has mine. sipping kiwi pear green tea is way more fun than my usual green tea. writing while out and about watching people has its mystery over writing secluded in the comfort of my own home.

although i definitely believe in the power of spicing things up, trying it in these simple ways over the past few days has done wonders for my psyche. think of five small way you can do things differently. watch what it does for your overall attitude. observe synchronicities. notice small wonders. life is full of them, especially when we take the time to do things differently.

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