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Saturday, December 10, 2005

my fave home practice sequence

i'm a hip girl, LOVE hip-opening poses. anytime a teacher asks for a request, i wave my little hand begging for anything hip related. my home practice is no exception. i'm sharing my fave home sequence as a hope that it will inspire you to bring life into your hips, and take a little you time during the harried holidays. (if these poses are not familiar to you, check out yoga journal for all the scoop)

1. connect to your breath.
2. begin with sun salutations to awaken your spirit and get your yoga juices flowing.
3. take a few of your fave standing poses: warrior 1, warrior 2, reverse warrior, side angle, revolved side angle, triangle, revolved triangle, pyramid, etc.
4. take your fave balancing pose: dancer, tree (perfect for the season), warrior 3, big toe stretch, eagle, etc.
5. hips, hips and more hips: pigeon, dove, cow face, double pigeon, lotus, baddha konasana, half splits, full splits, lunge with back knee dropped, etc. ahhhh, these are the BEST, especially this time of the year.
6. take a backbend or two: bridge, camel, wheel, etc.
7. inversion: shoulderstand, legs up the wall, forearm stand, handstand.
8. shavasana: your reward - soak up the benefits of your practice!

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