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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

hip tranquil chick podcast #11

HTC: December 13, 2005

Intro: Welcome to the eleventh edition of the Hip Tranquil Chick podcast: a girl’s guide for living a luxe lifestyle. Back in the Pink Palace, Washington, DC.

Today’s podcast is on the top 5 things I’ve learned from my pug, Louis, along with the pose of the podcast, and more fabulous podsafe music! View our shownotes at

1. Every day is exciting!
2. A little love goes a long way.
3. Ask for what you want.
4. Take naps.
5. Mark your territory.

Pose of the Podcast: Standing forward fold

Share your thoughts with me at and visit and for additional sources of inspiration.

Closing track: Always the Same by Sunburn in Cypress, courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.

Thanks for joining me for the eleventh edition of the Hip Tranquil Chick podcast. Namaste.

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